Failures in firewall management are common – In the field, our security analysts frequently come across serious security risks related to proper firewall configuration and management. Here are some of the problems they’ve encountered:

 Multiple firewalls – A single firewall requires daily maintenance and monitoring: rule sets must be reviewed, firmware must be patched, and configuration must be updated—this work is multiplied with each unique firewall deployed in an environment. Serious security issues can be overlooked when there are multiple firewalls and staffing is either insufficient or lacking critical skills required to maintain them, resulting in the loss or compromise of critical data.

 No firewall auditing – Firewall auditing, in which a company checks and audits its firewall rules on a regular basis, is frequently neglected. One of the advantages of hiring an MSSP is that most of them will perform regular firewall audits as part of their core services.

For two years, no administrative IT personnel at a health organisation had logged in to review the firewall configuration, according to anS auditor. The auditor discovered a VPN connection between the firewall and the home network of the previous IT employee. As a result of this organization’s failure to manage its firewall, the sensitive data in their network was in grave danger.

Misconceptions about how firewalls work – Some concepts in firewall management are unfamiliar to many IT professionals. The area between the externally and internally facing networks (known as the “demilitarised zone” or DMZ) must be secure. According to one audit, certain firewall ports/services were left open on either side of the DMZ, leaving the network exposed and vulnerable to external malicious activity, and the company initially did not consider this a problem.

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